Affiliate Program

Increase your profits by re-selling Tourboks tours and activities!

Do you want to offer your customers programs, tours & activities from the whole world?

Become an Affiliate Agent of Tourboks and start re-selling our offerings to your website in a simple and fast way. For every successful purchase you will be earning a commission.

Are you ready to increase your earnings?

Why Integrate with Tourboks?

  •   No membership fees
  •   High commissions to already competitive end customer prices
  •   Unbeatable Customer Service & Technical Support

Things you need to know before you register as an Affiliate Agent:

1) We currently offer the below methods of integration with our products:

  •   API Solution: best for big websites that sell/want to sell tours and activities online
  •   White Label Solution: best for medium size websites
  •   Widget Solution: best for smaller websites, blogs or companies that want a fast integration

2) Note that for all the above methods you will need to do some kind of technical integration and development work will be required from your side especially for the API / White Label solutions. A widget can be live within minutes, whereas an API integration or a customized White Label solution require several days/weeks depending on various conditions.

3) It is important to consult with our team if needed and estimate the cost-benefit ratio based on your needs before selecting an integration type. Our team will be glad to assist you in finding the optimal solution for integrating Tourboks products with your website. For further questions/consultation in regards to our Affiliate Program please send us an email at:

4) If you do not have the knowledge, man power or willingness to integrate with us in a technical automatic way, you could always work manually and buy things directly from our website as a B2B customer. Simply apply for a B2B account and once your registration is approved you will see all our products in discounted prices. Read more info about our B2B accounts.