The Carnival of Venice – “One for the Bucket List”

The Carnival of Venice (Carnevale di Venezia) takes place 40 days before Easter, a final party before Ash Wednesday and the restrictions of Lent. It is celebrated with parades, masquerade balls, entertainment, music, and parties. The Venetian carnival is most famous for its distinctive masks.

Open-Air Cinemas On A Warm Summer Night

The warm nights of summer create the perfect atmosphere for watching your favourite movies under the stars. There is something magical about sitting with a loved one on a soft blanket, drinking a glass of Chardonnay, while being absorbed into the plot. These are our pick for some of the open air cinemas found in Europe. Enjoy!

Christmas Markets You Should Not Miss in 2015

Christmas markets are one of the most important reasons why you should visit Europe in winter! Here is Tourboks selection of the top Christmas you shouldn’t miss in 2015.

Top 5 Art Galleries in Europe

When travelling in Europe, there are a lot of things to see and do. But if you are a real Art Enthusiast, don’t forget to check out the best galleries on your trip. Home of ancient masterpieces to modern arts, here are the 5 must-see art galleries featured by Tourboks.

Top 5 Events in Europe (Sept to Dec 2015)

Europeans are pros at partying and celebrating. From beer festivals, Christmas markets, New Year’s Eve celebrations, it’s all about having fun and enjoying! Here is our pick of top events to enjoy until the end of this year.