No matter you’re into castles, history, culture, nature, or shopping, you can always find exciting things to do around Munich. Follow Tourboks and we will show you all the places around Munich you shouldn’t miss.


☆If you want to visit a German famous castles,

Neuschwanstein Castle & Linderhof castle

Neuschwanstein Royal Castle is close to Füssen, a small town you can reach within one-hour train ride from Munich. Both the appearance and the interior design of the castle are in medieval style. Sleeping Beauty’s Castle in Disney Land was modeled after this castle. You will truly feel like walking into a fairytale at this castle. Not far from here, Linderhof Castle was built in Renaissance style with luxurious interior and statues.


☆If you want to visit a UNESCO world heritage site, 

Salzburg & Hallstatt

Both cities have registered as UNESCO world heritage sites. Salzburg is a cultural old town in Austria. Elegant houses in various architecture styles line up along the street. It is famous for being Mozart’s birthplace. If you want to be taken back to Mozart’s time, you have to try our Mozart Dinner Concert in the Baroque hall of St. Peter monastery in the heart of Salzburg! The village Hallstatt, on the other hand, has unique culture in a mountain setting. You can enjoy Europe's longest wooden slide, Salt Mine known as “Man in Slat”, boat trip, cruises, hiking and many more tours and activities here.


☆If you’re into culture,

Romantische Straße & Rothenburg

Romantische Straße (Romantic Road) is one of the famous sightseeing spots in Germany with a variety of historical ancient cities along the road. Rothenburg, one of the stops along Romantic Road, is regarded as a medieval jewel of worldwide. This city is famous for its history, medieval crime museums and many cultural events all year around.


☆If you want to feel closer to nature,

Mt. Zugspitze

Mountain Zugspitze is known as the highest mountain in Germany, the altitude of it is 2,962m. To enjoy the superb view of Alps from the top, you can take a mountain trail or a ropeway. You can also ski here during winter.


☆If you are keen on shopping,

Ingolstadt Village Shopping Outlet

The open-air outlet shopping mall has over 110 designed boutiques from top German brand to international brands with relaxed atmosphere away from the city hustle. You can reach there within an one-hour drive from Munich.