On 9 September this year, Queen Elizabeth II will become the longest reigning monarch in British history, breaking the record set by her great-great grandmother Queen Victoria, who was on the throne for 63 years and seven months. To celebrate this milestone, join us on a stroll through the Royal residences and Royal shops of Westminster.

The City of Westminster's concentration of visitor attractions and historic landmarks includes the Palace of Westminster, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and Westminster Cathedral. The former Thorney Island, on which Westminster Abbey was built, is the historic core of Westminster. Westminster Abbey is the traditional venue of the coronation of the kings and queens of England from that of Harold Godwinson.


The City of Westminster is a city in which you will feel like royalty yourself, boasting some of the most beautiful walks, grounds, and architecture London has to offer.  Our Royal Living and Royal Shopping Walking Tour will travel through the centuries and the monarchs who reigned from the palaces within. 

We will start the tour from the famous Westminster Station, from the capacious Tudor Palace of Whitehall to the more modest beginnings of Buckingham Palace, we will walk you through an area which is full of beautiful Royal residences and stately homes, rubbing shoulders with the fashionable Piccadilly shopping district. Once a land of fields, Piccadilly Road being but a country road, it soon became, from the influence of the fashionable gentry moving in, the place for tailors, clubs and the earliest forms of ‘window-shopping’.  With a considerable amount of the shops in Piccadilly bearing at least one Royal warrant, the quintessential British style is upheld in the shops which still serve the monarchy today.


Highlights of the Tour:

• See the sites which were used as backdrops to Downton Abbey and learn of their own fascinating history

• Take a stroll along the Queen's Walk and learn of the Queen it is named after

• Hear why London society wished to be weighed when purchasing wines

• See the shops which have catered to the likes of Cary Grant, Marilyn Monroe and HRH The Prince of Wales

• Learn of the amusing history of Duck Island in one of London's most beautiful Royal Parks

• See famous London icons along this walking tour such as Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace, as well as lesser-known treasures