Winter is the ideal period for a romantic getaway with your significant other. Enjoy some of the most beautiful places in Europe cladded in snow and marvel at the beauty of winter in this Top 10 list of the most romantic cities.


10. Rome

Italy's bustling capital is beautiful all year round but during the winter you have the chance to indulge in pure Italian romance without hordes of tourists or exhausting temperatures.


09. Vienna

Vienna, a city with unique artistic and intellectual legacy, architecture and rich history offers an amazing spectacle covered in snow. Don't miss the chance to walk its romantic, picturesque streets.


08. Copenhagen

Beautiful renaissance castles, the stunning Nyhavn Canal and a touch of fairy tails with Tivoli Gardens and the little mermaid, Denmark's beautiful capital offers you the romantic feeling you want!


07. Amsterdam

One of the most picturesque European cities, Amsterdam has a lot to offer, especially near Christmass time with all the lights and decorations. Enjoy its beautiful streets and enchanting canals with your significant other.


06. Rhine valley

An amazing UNESCO world heritage site, Rhine valley is dotted with stunning castles and small, picturesque towns. The perfect place to dive deep into medeival romance and an ideal place for couples.


05. Porto

With its unique gothic architecture, world renowned wines and rich, vibrant culutre, Portugal's second largest city is a must-see for all couples.


04. Oslo

Norway's capital with its rich history, picturesque streets and many interesting sites is even more beautiful during the winter. Grab the chance to also visit the great Norwegian outdoors from Oslo and enjoy a unique experience.


03. Budapest

Dive into the past and have a magical experience in a stunning city. Amazing architecture, quaint cobbled streets, amazing food and vibrant culture make up the ingredients of a romantic journey you will never forget.

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02. Salzburg

An otherworldly, beautiful city that is even more magical during the winter, with the snow and the Christmas lights. Stunning medieval castles and churches, small lakes and rivers and a diverse, rich culture is what make the nestled in the Alps city a must visit for all couples.


01. Paris

The city of love has all that is needed for an unforgettable rendez-vous that fits any couple's definition of romance.  The Versailles, les Champs Elysees, the Eiffel tower, Notre dame and so many more uniquely beautiful landmarks, accompanied by world class cuisine and the feeling of love and romance lingering all around, will forever carve this city in your hearts.