Rome, the capital of Italy, is a travel destination that is fully packed with history, ancient sites, delicious Italian cuisine, such as pizza, pasta, gelato and authentic Italian wine! This eternal city shines both in the old days and now.

Here are some travel experiences one shouldn’t miss when travelling to Rome, especially for those who are obsessive lovers of good food.


Espresso & Gelato Tour of Rome

There is no better way to truly understand Rome than through your stomach! During your stay, why not indulge yourself with the famous and authentic Italian gelato? Taste your way through the Eternal City, teasing your sweet tooth with the best food in town. It is a very affordable treat to yourself while enjoying the sunshine and the Italian city ambiance!


Rome Pizza and Food Walking Tour

Your trip to Italy is not complete without tasting the Italian cuisines - especially pizza! Enjoy a food tour in a distinct with rich in historical monuments and churches! Grab your pizza and enjoy the view in Rione Monti – the most characteristic and prettiest district in Rome! Get ready to be amazed by tasting pizza, Italian sodas, topping and gelatos! Yummmmmy!


Rome Dinner Cruise on the Tiber River

In a soft, elegant and fully romantic atmosphere, you’ll taste a fantastic dinner accompanied by live music with reproduced famous titles from the typical and international music. Enjoy stunning city views, indulge in a delicious dinner and entertain yourselves with the live music on board. This tour will offer you a unique, romantic experience in the eternal city, so don't miss the chance!


Friday Night inside the Vatican Museums & Sistine Chapel with Dinner in Rome

Starting with a special dinner in an exclusive location inside the Vatican City: you will have to pinch yourself when a tour assistant will take you to the so-called Giardino Quadrato for your outdoor meal overlooking St. Peter's Dome. But it will be no dream: designing unique activities so that our customers can live once-in-a-lifetime experiences is our mission. If you’re in Rome for a long resting weekend, or even after a busy day at work topping your hard-working week, join this tour and we guarantee there will be no regret!


Small-Group Gelato Class in Rome

Upgrade your Gelato experience with a professional Gelato making class in one of the best Gelaterias of Rome. Learn step-by-step the procedures to make your own ice cream, taste the ice cream that you made and get to know the interesting facts about Gelato. Be a chef in this tour, not a spectator!


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