What makes a European looks like a European? Although there are no specifics of how to dress like a European, there are a few ideas most Europeans have in common when it comes to clothes. In this article we take a look at 5 main attributes of a European style.


1. Simplicity.

In some European countries, black can dominate most clothing items because of its versatile use and simplicity. But in many countries it is colorful attires, which dominate the fashion scene. Regardless of the color, the main concept of simplicity is to have basic, classic, timeless items that you can mix up with more daring and unusual pieces. Yes, this does create some contrast but it won’t look unorganized and chaotic if mixed well. 

Here are some examples for your inspiration:

A. Match your simple, all time classic jeans with a pullover and a designer bag


B. No wardrobe is complete without a little black dress! Match it with a colorful jacket and an oversized bag


C. Sometimes a hat and a leather bag is enough to make a fashion statement


2. The fit.

European people like to buy clothes that fit well. Pants, tops and shirts are designed in various cuts to fit every individual. However, Europeans also like to create some contrast here. You will often see tight pants mixed with an oversized coat, or a tight top with baggy pants. Need inspiration? Here’s some right out of the runways:




3. The hair.

Regardless of what is trendy one year or another, the hair that is always in style in Europe is the effortless hairstyle. It can basically be the hairstyle you wake up with in the morning. Put it up in a messy bun or a ponytail if it’s all over the place, but keep the messiness and the just-out-of-bed look. Jennifer Aniston is rocking this style! You can do it too!     


4. Accessories.

It is common in Europe to live in small apartments, where there is barely place for the clothes, but people still manage to also collect a vast amount of accessories to individualize their styles. A few pairs of sunglasses are a must. Also remember to add a hat, a scarf and some fancy tights for an intriguing and unique appearance.

Mix up your everyday, casual clothing with bright, colorful accessories


5. Active.

People in Europe are in general living a healthy and active lifestyle. Fitness centers, yoga and running sessions are a part of the everyday routines. Since a lot of people also bike in the European cities, you can imagine the sporty style is incorporated into the look. It can be seen on the sneakers people wear or sports leggings, which can be worn at any time of the day.