There is no doubt that French wine is among the best in the world. Read our guide for planning a trip for wine lovers in France.


Step 1. Decide which wine region you would like to go

There are many wineries in France, and they tend to be a little far away from each other. So it might be a wise choice to decide which one you want to try before going. This time, we have 3 places highly recommended to you: Bordeaux, Burgundy, and Champagne. After you decide where to go, the real wine tasting tour shall begin!


Step 2. Wine tasting with French cuisine

It is said that you could only know real taste of French dishes with matched wine. Thus the best way to enjoy wine tasting is to go to an original French restaurant, choose a dish, talk to the wine sommelier, and choose wine goes best with the dish.


Step 3. Go to wine tasting event

In France there are so many wine tasting events to go to. In almost all the events, you can taste many kinds of wine for free, and buy one which you really like. Among all the events, ‘Salon des vins’, the biggest one in Paris cannot be missed.


Step 4. Visit Alsace’ s wine route

In this route, you can find villages like Obernai, Barr, and Ribeauville, where you can enjoy not only French wine but also medieval townscape and pastoral landscape.