Chocolates melt and flowers die, so why not get something that will last forever this coming 14th February – the wonderful memories from a romantic getaway with your loved one!

No matter you fancy cruising on the Danube while having some cocktails in Budapest, a delicate dinner accompanied by Mozart’s music in Salzburg, a unique balloon flight in Cappadocia, or experiencing a passionate Flamenco show in Madrid, we’ve gotten them all. In this article, we compiled a list of the top 5 romantic destinations and what’s to do for you lovebirds.


1. Paris, France

Not to anyone’s surprise, we listed Paris, the city that is reputed to be the most romantic city in the world as the number one romantic destination. Despite all the clichés, it still gets all the right ingredients for those who look for romance.

Here you can: Cruise on the Seine and sail past Paris's most iconic sights such as The Louvre and Eiffel Tower, visit the prestige Opera Garnier where the Phantom was born, discover the massive collections in the famous Orsay Museum and enjoy a gourmet lunch in Orsay’s classy restaurant, spend a day in Disneyland Paris as if you’re going back to 18 years old, or even better, take the cozy Citroen 2CV and look out on Paris at her finest.

Paris is simply foolproof for Valentine's Day and has more than enough to offer for those romantics!


2. Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a perfect choice for those who are a little short on budget, yet not willing to yield to a less romantic Valentine's Day. As “the Pearl of the Danube”, or “Paris of the East”, Budapest is less known for its romance, but is definitely not less romantic.

Here you can: Enjoy the famous thermal spas with your loved one and renew your body and soul, explore the beauty of Budapest while cruising on the Danube, or better, take a helicopter or aircruise with your special one and admire the city from a brand new point of view.

Budapest is ideal for those who are into culture, history and a romantic Valentine's Day getaway!


3. Venice, Italy

Despite the fact that Venice is rather touristy and no matter you choose what time to visit, you will end up “sharing” the city with countless tourists from all over the world, the city still got the right setting for romance, especially if you plan ahead to escape the crowds.

Here you can: take a Gondola ride and see the city from the water – the best way, probably the most romantic way too to explore Venice, enjoy tasting two excellent quality wines from Italy in a typical, local way, or make your own Nicolotta Cake, a cake roots in the city of Venice and share your result with your other half.

Sounds attempting? You should! Venice is ready to surprise you for the most romantic Valentine's Day ever!


4. Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam, famous for it’s illuminated canals, red light district, countless bicycles and liberty, is a perfect destination for a romantic getaway with your partner.

Here you can: enjoy a cruise along its famous canals and see most of the highlights the city has to offer, combine the cruise with delicious pizza that will makes you mouthful, taste some Dutch cheese with wines while sailing through the canals at night, or grab an Amsterdam Nightlife Ticket and dance in different nightclubs with your valentine.

Don’t overlook the Dutch capital when searching for your romantic getaway this Valentine’s Day! It will 100% amaze you with its amour.


5. Reykjavik, Iceland

We know what you might think? Reykjavik? Does it even have a remote relation with romance? Well, imagine a place isolated yet stunning beautiful with only you and your loved one, imagine popping up the question under the Aurora, what experience can beat that?

Here you can: search and observe one of Iceland’s most celebrated and mischievous visitors, Aurora, or the Northern Lights, visit the famous Golden Circle and ride on the Viking horses or enjoy sampling delicious local food specialties. You can also venture into the Langjokull Glacier to experience one of the most amazing ice caves in Iceland, a once in a lifetime adventure, or travel back in time in this amazing Lava Cave, Waterfalls and Thermal Pool Day Tour.

Reykjavik offers you a special type of romance and is especially perfect for couples with adventure souls!


For more romantic experiences for this Valentine’s Day with your loved one, check our offerings in Europe and beyond.