Your maiden voyage begins in PRAGUE, with local, Jaroslav. He will take you off the beaten path, and you will experience Prague through his eyes! Enjoy!


1. Could you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m 25 years old and I started my first job after my graduation in Prague, almost one year ago.


2. What is the best part about living in this city?

Everything is very close. You can reach most of the places within 30 minutes, no matter where you are in the city.


3. What are your recommendations for first-time traveler in this city?

For the first-time travelers, I would definitely recommend the highlights of the city, including Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, Hill Petřín, and Astronomical clocks on Old Town Square. The Best of Prague Tour will take you to all the highlights and I can totally recommend it! However, you will need to visit the city several times to get to know the real Prague.


4. What would you recommend seeing or doing to someone who has already been to this city and has done the main highlights?

Spend some time in the narrow streets, famous pubs or enjoy a walk in one of nice green parks near the city center. The Black Light Theatre is also something unique here and worth a try!


5. When is the best time to visit this city?

The high season of tourist visit starts in May and finishes in October. So if you want to enjoy a less crowded city, I recommend to visit Prague in February or March.


6. What is the best place to eat? And what would you recommend to order there?

Šenkovna Pub. It’s not very famous among tourists, but it has amazing wine selections with tasty international cuisines. For travelers, a Traditional Dinner with Folklore Music & Dance is also recommended!


7. What is your favorite place in this city?

Šenkovna Pub, Park Grébovka, Vítkov Monument and my favorite Karlínske Náměstí.


8. Any recommendations for a low-budget traveler in this city?

Prague is suitable for all types of travelers, and is the perfect choice for low-budget travelers in Europe.


7. What would be the challenges to travel in this city?

Some taxi drivers may charge foreign visitors with higher rates. So have I would recommend to have an idea of the cost beforehand.


Anyways, Prague is a true beauty! Come & enjoy it!